Pain (not for the squeamish)

    Blisters from playing Double Bass

    Bashed my head on a music stand in pitch black when trying to pick up something

    Jumping wall fail

    Slid down a railing in Adelaide

    (looked similar to this, but without glass)
    ..which was wet from rain, so I went too fast. I had to stop myself before the middle of the railing or I’d hit the bump and go flying. I grabbed the supports on the railing which unfortunately weren’t round and I cut my hand up. I didn’t have time to get it checked out as I was on the way to a concert, so I just sat there bleeding. Good times.

    But despite all these misfortunes, none of them come remotely close to the story of Aron Ralston

    What a man

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  1. What the F, Robin?? I hope your mother doesn’t read your blog, although maybe she’s used to it by now. Boys always seem to bang themselves up and live to tell about it.

    Once I tried to run up a down escalator, and when I tried to jump off onto the platform at the top, my foot hit the grate where the stairs come out, and I slipped. The knee of my pants got caught in the grate, so every new step banged me straight on the knee until I ripped my pants away from the grate and rode the escalator to the bottom. By the time I stepped off, I was dizzy from the pain. I had a massive gash, could see right through to the bone. Had to go to the hospital and get stitches. I so wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a picture ’cause it’s pretty funny now.

    That’s the upside about hurting yourself, is that it makes for a good story later. Plus scars are kinda cool.

  2. I knew I didn’t want to see those pictures… Did it anyway.
    And know I’m looking at them again. Good for me.

  3. Woboin! Please post your blog on your piano fish tank and all amusing videos. I’m dying to see that one of you again in all your carpentry glory. It’s lolitory! That’s my new word. It means ‘laugh out loud territory’.


  4. Health Reasons, I believe you owe us a new blog! And congratulations on finishing your Thesis!!!

    All the best with it, I’m very proud of you.


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