Fun stuff

Just some youtube stuff I find amusing.

A show called “Walk On The Wild Side” where they do voiceovers on animals. (thanks to Yazmin for showing me)

“The Green Screen Show”
Another improv show by Drew Carey where the performers act out in front of a green screen, and after the show animators get busy drawing in over the green screen. The audience must be really bored looking at that green screen during the show.

These two are Sound Effect games. Two members of the audience are chosen to perform sound effects for the two actors. Pretty much “Whose Line Is It Anyway” but with animations.

And a clever one using action figures as the bodies

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  1. Haha those animation ones were great! I downloaded the first episode of walk on the wild side, it’s genius!

  2. Nice work, Blob’N’Fresh.

    I wanna play night time day time now, and I can because I’m alone and have a blanket.


  3. Loved the “Walk on the Wild Side” clip! I’m gonna check out more of their stuff on YouTube.

  4. Heh. Some good clips, thanks for showing man.


  5. By the way, I DID look up several “Walk on the Wild Side” clips on YT, and there’s some good shit on there. A few of us on this side of the ocean are new fans.

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