TV Fish Tank

I found an old TV outside the house next door.

I found a fish tank in our garage.


Originally I was going to use the TV to watch TV, but it didn’t work, hence why it was outside someone’s house.

This is how to make a TV Fish Tank.

1. Get a TV (preferably an old one, in a wooden cabinet)


2. Find a fish tank that will fit inside the TV (fortunately, the one I found was perfect!)


3. Remove the back of the TV.


4. Spend many many hours unscrewing and removing the circuitry inside the TV.

5. The hardest part is removing the CRT/Screen. Most TVs don’t have a glass screen in front of the CRT, so once you remove the vacuum tube there won’t be a screen there, but that’s ok as the fish tank will now become the screen.

6. These tubes were built to stay in the surrounding cabinet. This took me AGES to get out. On each corner of the cabinet the screen is held in with 6 screws, a glued bolt, and glued wood.


Unless you have a fancy bendy screwdriver, you won’t be able to get to most of the screws. You can get to some of them from the front of the TV if you remove the plastic surrounding the screen. As for the rest of the screws, you basically have to remove the wood from the screws. Using a chisel/screwdriver and hammer will do fine. Just do it outside or you’ll get a mess.


7. Remove any bits of wood left in the TV that aren’t holding the cabinet together. They’ll just get in the way of the tank.


8. Depending on how wide your fish tank is, you might not be able to put the back of the TV back on. This is fine, as it allows air into the tank, and gives you room to feed the fish. You won’t be able to see the tank protrude anyway. If your tank does fit all the way in, you may need to make the top of the cabinet removable.

9. Put all the buttons and things back onto the TV to make it look real.


10. Set up your fish tank. (Make sure your fish tank doesn’t leak. Mine did, so I used some blutac and PVA glue.) Make sure your TV Fish Tank is where you want it to be before you start filling it up, as it’ll be really heavy once it’s full. Put down gravel, put in plants and rocks, put down a plate on the gravel, pour water onto the plate (so it doesn’t displace the gravel), add any chemicals to remove the chlorine from tap water, install filter, add a light (check whether it’s waterproof or not), add your freshwater fish, DONE!


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    Now your tv is stuck on channel 31 forever!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Oboiwan. Rad AS!

  3. 200 channels, nothin’ but *fish.


    Awesome, Woboin! I’m so proud of your t.v. fish tank, it’s so Woboin! Is Pants still alive?

  4. “Mel Branson likes this”

    Heeeeeere fishy fishy fishy!!!

  5. OMG, you’d mentioned you were going to make a go of this, and I’m so glad you did! You clearly went to a huge amount of effort, but the end result is totally bitchin’! I love your cool-ass TV fish tank, well done!

  6. I was going to do this with an old TV of Julian’s. But then I read that it’s very likely the vaccum tubes on old TV’s explode or pop when being removed because they’re old and shit. So I deferred my brilliant plan. But dude, you pulled it off, well done.

  7. Do you have a filter set up in that tank? Because I got news for you if you don’t…

  8. Yep, I do. 😉

  9. thats amazing! nx

  10. Jon, you neglected to mention that I smashed said TV and all was well.

    I’m proud of you, Robin.

  11. Probably could have mentioned that a potentially lethal electrical charge may remain in the CRT of a TV that old for many months after its last use, and you have been lucky.

  12. Shhhh….

  13. u veryy verryy smart bro all yall there are not smart cuz im smarter than u bro and chicks so boo ya

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