Francesco Misseri

Basically I’m writing this entry so I don’t forget this guys name again. Francesco Misseri. He’s the mastermind behind such shows as AEIOU (the sand drawings with the violin), and Quaqquao. There’s really not much on the internet about him, but I found a webpage, some pictures and a video, so check them out.




The last video didn’t work, but there are more up. This page seems to get lots of hits every day, so people seem pretty interested. I actually emailed the misseri studio January this year asking if they were going to bring out anything on DVD, or something for the public. They replied;

Thank you very much for your interest in our work, but at the moment, unfortunately, we have nothing available for personal viewing. If we produce something like that, you will be certainly advised.”

Mio Mao

Quaq quao

The Red And The Blue

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  1. I think i remember that!

    I love it.

    Well done.

  2. OMG I have never seen that! That’s absolutely brilliant. I was only disappointed it was so short. By the way, John mentioned you’re a “Kenny Vs. Spenny” fan. Well, I did a whole blog entry about them, so check it out if/when you have a sec. . You’re on my blogroll now so I’ll be checking back for updates. Take care!


    Hey, Blobs!

    Guess what? Nonna is in a nursing home. Yep! She moved in a coupla Wednesdays ago. And I miss her. She was just always there, you know? She was more dependable than sunshine. I still walk into the kitchen with my arm in the wave position and yell “Hey Non-” but finish it with an ” … Awwwww.”

    But she’s happy as! She’s friends with another little old Italian lady, Maria, who also has dimentia. I envy her. Every day she gets to meet Maria for as if for the first time and Maria gets to meet her as if for the first time. How rockin’ would that be? You’d get to tell your best stories again and again and again and again and they’d never get stale because you won’t even remember who the person you’re talking to is minutes after they’ve left your company.

    Aah, good, old Nonna.

    “Pane e fomage, Kilamanjaro,
    Pane e fomage, Com E Va?
    A caldo, a freddo
    It’s nice day today?
    Pane e fomage, Com E Va!”

    Good evening, Friends!

  4. Hey Batman,

    I noticed you checked my blog today. You would have found no developments. But now there is. So get back there in a hurry.

    WAAPA great blog you’ve got! (a little pun there)


  5. Yeah I miss Nosee. She made that house what it is today. Let me know next time you visit her and I’ll tag along. I’m putting it out there right now as a prediction….I don’t think anyone will ever sit in that chair for various reasons. Namely out of respect…..yeah respect, that’s it.

    I’ve noticed a trend where people are starting to communicate with other people on other peoples blogs. i.e. me talking to Suz on Robins blog. It gets people involved.

    ROBBINHIO!!! What’s up wig? How’s WAAAPER? Any hot chicks? The other day while I was waiting for a lecture to start and chicks were walking in late, I had to resist the urge to stand up and applaud them for the manner in which they were all presenting themselves. I disscussed this with Simon, and he noted that the applause given is akin to the polite applause one would offer after seeing a bowler deliver a fine, economic over in a test match. They didn’t get a wicket, just good, consistant line & length. That’s what uni is all about.

  6. WAAPA has been 42 degrees the last couple of days, and 38 today. So the chicks might not be so hot, but the temperature sure is. That’s all for today. I should write a blog about my experiences about WAAPA, but they’d just be about how much I dislike the people I live with.

  7. You gotta tell ’em what you saw, Billy.

  8. How do you spell MacGarnigle??

  9. Haha, good question. “Hey, I’m trying to eat lunch here!”

  10. Well, MCGARNIGLE. Billy is DEAD. They slit his throat, from ear-to-ear.

  11. Hurry up and post another update

  12. I thought about it. I did just hang out my washing. Maybe I’ll write about that.

  13. ive been trying for sooo long to find videos of AEIOU. has anyone had any luck???

    please let me know if you have:

    thanks so much!!

    – Kiran

  14. […] Francesco Misseri « So many thoughts, so little good thoughts.. If you like this post, share it with others! These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  15. Quaquao + Mio & Mao are available on DVD from Poland. I don’t think they’re complete (as in can’t get all episodes), but they’re available!

  16. Actually, it looks like those are complete. There’s a trailer for Red and Blue on some discs, but no sign of it on DVD, which really is a shame.

  17. If anyone finds a working video of AEIOU, pls publish it everywhere? My partner thinks I;m nuts lookin for a little kid singing the vowels in the sand… come to think of it, i do sound nuts!
    thanks for the info on the other misseri pieces! brings back great childhood memories… of sitting in front of my folks’ idiot box…

  18. yes, yes, many a minute have I tried to locate a video or audio file of AEIOU. I emailed the company about it but they said they have no plans to release it on DVD. 😦

  19. Here is link to Mio & Mao DVDs in Poland, there are three DVDs totaling 26 episodes.

  20. yeah, i’ve been looking for the AEIOU theme song since the late 90’s but this is the closest i have come. i keep checking youtube to see if there’s anything, but at least there is some Misseri out there for now

  21. They’re doing some stuff with Sesame now, so you can probably find their work on some Sesame DVDs. Their show is called “Bert & Ernie’s Great Adventures”.

  22. They now have a YouTube Channel with a video clip of A.E.I.O.U! Get there!!

  23. Thanx for the heads up! I love it! I’m so glad they decided to finally get a youtube page! now the whole world can see the awesomeness of AEIOU!!!

  24. I am trying to find Mio Mao items. Does anyone have any ideas?

  25. Hi there I (& the kids!) are fans of all misseri studios work it’s fascinating, wonderful stuff. If you do get response of any DVD publishing we would definitely be interested- well done for contacting them it’s hard work !

  26. I used to animate in Sydney and I’ve been a fan of the red and the blue for years. Long ago I had the opportunity to visit Italy and tracked Francesco down and we got on really well. he Gave me his show-reel and it was so good I felt embarassed that I had already given mine to him. his son Gian Maria Misseri has recently won an award for animation with Sesame street.
    I don’t have any Italian and him no English, so I draw Francesco letters. About time I did another.

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  28. I totally remember this stuff!!
    Im so glad there are actually other people who do as well!

    Misseri work is amazing.

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  32. Hi there. I see this is quite an old post, but I´ll comment anyway…

    When I was a little kid here in Argentina I used to watch Mr. Go, a beautiful claymation with no credits on it… After searching and searching I found out about Francesco Misseri. So today I wrote to MISSERI Studios to see if I’m right… I’m quite sure he must be the creator of the show cause it looks really similar to The Red and the Blue… We’ll see if they reply!

    Cheers from Argentina,


    ps. Here’s one of the few Mr Go animations that are available online

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